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We are in a state of flux with the website for some reason. The BLOG page is getting interference. These are crucial moments. Things are getting to the red line over the Ukraine. Russia may be moving in nuclear weapons. Congress has approved sending weapons to the Ukraine. The Ukraine has moved up weapons supplied to the front. The Russians are ready to move. This could get ugly very quickly. You know what to watch for. Go to for blog access. If the link fails Google conspiracy cafe blogspot. As these weapons arrive, things can get out of hand very quickly. If there is direct contact between Russian naval or air power with the U.S. or an incursion to a NATO state or the Russian Federation, BE PREPARED for total war in mere hours to days. The NWO wants a limited exchange to frighten us into servitude. However, it may not stop there. The time may be upon us. Be fervent in your prayers and resolute in your faith.

The forces of darkness seem hell bent to block access to the Video section of the website where our shows are posted. We have relocated to our Bitchute reserve location. Find them here.

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