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Conspiracy Cafe 2012-01-12 with George Freund - "By the Sandringham Moon"

(A retrieved show that had a broken link)

Mass protest of Brampton Civic Hospital, Tony Blair`s obituary, Royal yacht Britannia listing after leak, UK emergency measures, the spectre of fascism, Weaponized H5N1, Moscow protest a Cato Institute operation, China wins war in Afghanistan with oil deal, Chinese naval base Seychelles, China and Japan trade currency directly, People`s Bank of China says gold is your lifeboat, Asian Union, Pope Benedict ailing, Vatican Archives opened a bit, Pakistan Police Surgeon murdered after heroic stance, 2012 predictions, murder at Sandringham, Promis software and 9/11 the royal connection, Jeffrey Epstein and child sex ring the prince and the President, friends of Paris Hilton death list, Robert Maxwell, Alisa Dmitrijeva, Mayor Bloomberg learns code, Charles Addams google doodle plagues, holy grail, and lead to Tallinn Estonia, Thor Liberty and Patriot missiles looked down at Kiel, The mysterious rendez-vous with the Estonian tanker Viimsi, Project Echelon is your new Samsung TV with facial recognition camera, 3D mind programming in British schools, NDAA Congress`death warrant, Greeks giving up children in collapse, On Conspiracy Cafe we shed light by the Sandringham Moon.

Posted by George Freund on September 10, 2013 at 2:47 PM 4572 Views