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On Conspiracy Cafe The Horsemen Storm London 2009-04a-01


We enter the wayback machine again and return to the That Channel studios with Agent Lady Bug April 1, 2009. Nobody does it better. On our last show Secrets of the Temple we broke the Lincoln Code which foretold the actions in London for this episode. 

Patsies are arrested Prior to the G20. Was the attack foiled? A 911 plotter is granted asylum in Britain despite all the laws and police state tactics. There's rioting in the streets. There's been an accident at a German biolab and a mysterious fire at a Canadian University where research is done on vaccines, and worse cattle are dying in Germany of an eerie hemorrhagic disease. Stephen Harper is preparing his future as Caesar. The press back the Bilderberg Queen.

There are two opposing financial systems. They are at odds. The flash is a nuclear weapon release. Was that yesterday or today? Big Ben says 3:15 as well or 3 6's. It's 12:30 in Moscow or 3 3's by the 33rd degree.

7 caged illegals in 4am breakout

Office staff warned of confrontation as City braces for mass G20 protests

Sarkozy threatens to walk out of G20

CONTROLLED CHAOS 1994 by Albert Oehlen

Benjamin Fulford on the G20

The London G20 meeting is looking likely to end in tears

‘Assassination’ Artist Is Questioned and Released

Checkpoint is an American novel written by Nicholson Baker in 2004.

Space junk likely in strange Va. sky

MEET Queen Beatrix, the REAL queen of England.

European lab accidents raise biosecurity concerns

Image shows North Korea rocket on launch pad

U.S. Navy's guided-missile destroyer U.S.S. John S. McCain (DDG-56, L) leaves as another destroyer, U.S.S. Chafee (DDG-90), anchors at a naval port in Busan, about 420 km (262 miles) southeast of Seoul, March 30, 2009, heading to the East Sea (Sea of Japan).

Scandal for the White House after Vice President Joe Biden's daughter is 'caught on tape snorting cocaine'

One small problem for Obama: Aunt Zeituni's an alien

O no, not again! Oprah 'disheartened' by second sex scandal in 2 years

China's hi-tech 'death van' where criminals are executed and then their organs are sold on black market



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