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D Day era code found on dead pigeon, Mona Lisa's hidden message, Napoleon's letter from Moscow, Bothersome bodies from Diana's biographer to Frank Olson CIA man, The mysterious death of Captain Tembe USS Harry S Truman, secret drone trials on Truman, Assange sick, Manning tortured, Pappa Bush and Putin ill, The Bangladesh fashion factory fire deja vu to the Triangle Factory fire in 1911, The new tech sweat shops, UN internet conference the beginning of the end, Spy state captures its own spies, U.S. pays for Deep Underground Military Base in Israel, Singularity scientist taps virul self destruct, DIA creates new service the Defense Clandestine Service, 6 MILLION pounds of explosives at Ohio sink hole. Are they cracking the fault line, Bank of England says economy is doom not gloom, Moody's cuts stability fund's rating, New ratings agency to cut big 3's falsehoods policy. Major store makes its own precious metals money, Gold goes to tier 1 on Basel 3, HSBC launders criminal assets, Fend for yourself, Raising your karma to the 5th dimension, On Conspiracy Cafe will no one stop them.

Posted by George Freund on December 11, 2012 at 7:02 PM 3627 Views