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The Gates of Hell on Conspiracy Cafe



The Gates of Hell are opened as Israel assassinates Ahmed al-Jabari. Was it a catalyst attack to start a broader war? Rodin Google doodle The Thinker was to sit atop 'The Gates of Hell.' It is our choice whether we enter. Missiles and rockets fly o'er the gates. The stage is set on the eve of destruction. Shipping CEO picks our brain on Thor Liberty and the missile cargo. Romney leaves campaign workers high and dry. Obama leaves New Yorkers abandoned and wet. DARPA plans the Terminator under guise of rescue robot. Singularity summit in San Francisco. All you need is a MICROCHIP! The Fiscal Cliff. U.S. to pump oil en masse. Are they smart enough to print Petro Dollars? EU talks collapse. S&P liable for lies. Bram Stoker Google doodle war and anti-Chist. Prince Charles direct descendent of Vlad the Impaler. Quantum everything. Patraeus CONSPIRACY to prevent testimony. From a terrible film to a worse stage adaptation Ambassador Stevens murdered by the homeland team. New CIA leader bagman for the NWO. McCain with National Socialist leader. There is NO civil defence plan for Canada. There is just continuity of government. We are on our own. At Conspiracy Cafe you are not on your own. We take on The Gates of Hell and save our souls. JOIN US!

Posted by George Freund on November 19, 2012 at 4:25 PM 2943 Views