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There will be no sign except Jonah on Conspiracy Cafe



Larry King hosts the alternative debates in Chicago. Ross Perot's "giant sucking sound" as jobs and even money leave the American matrix. Obama and Romney laugh it up at Alfred E. Smith dinner. Romney owns voting machine company counting Ohio ballots. Romney made millions in bailout of GM. No question about NAU or Beyond the Border intiative. Falic family bankrolls Netanyahu and the Apocalypse. The U.S. fiscal cliff arrives January 1st. DHS a model of the KGB and the Stasi. Americans overwhelming fail geography and civics. GM cow a mutant disaster. Government Offices are vacant. Firebomb terror plot in Oklahoma. Bible codes elections and assassinations. The Sign of Jonah is a Google Doodle. Zechariah's flying scroll a UFO over Kentucky. Intelligence specialists laud former seals killed protecting Ambassador. NYC terror sting a fake? British cops taser elderly blind stroke victim thinking his white cane was a Samarai sword and he was a 27 year old suspect. D'oh! Tons upon tons of chemical weapons buried in the briny deep about to rupture. On Conspiracy Cafe there will be no sign except Jonah.

Posted by George Freund on October 26, 2012 at 12:48 PM 4063 Views