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Planets align with Giza. HELP! No you're going to be on your own. PREPARE. Trotsky plus 75. Quebec political shooting an exercise in Manchurian madness. U.S. diplomats under fire in Mexico. Soldiers on trial in Obama plot. Maria Montessori Google doodle. Republican 'rules' destroy America's only hope. Is the fix in on Obama? Rumors abound over house in Hawaii. Financial Armageddon on the horizon SOON! What does an EMP attack mean? Ernst Freund and the war on liberty post WWI. Exercise Watchful Eagle. Paul Allen's search for Utopia. Zeno Brothers. CIA in alternative media. Jim Stone Aurora shooting faked. West Nile cure? Ron Paul and the Republican Convention. DISCLOSURE the film. Director's father killed at Sikh Temple shooting. They don't want you to know. Find out about the Universal Soldier on Conspiracy Cafe.


It doesn't get any better. This is one of my favorite eras in American history. A mad bomber was blown up in front of the house of Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer. A witch hunt against immigrants began. Even Franklin D. Roosevelt walked across the body of the bomber. Using WWI's Sedition Act and Espionage Act great abuses of power occurred. They culminated in the mass arrests of 10,000 Americans many of whom were illiterate. Deportations were made. A young J. Edgar Hoover cut his teeth on the power of the state. He started his infamous 'list.' In time 450,000 were on it. However, in my reading I discovered Palmer was the Alien Property Commissioner in WWI. Half a billion dollars worth of assets were seized. With an 'enemy' grabbing the headlines little attention must have been given to the disposition of these funds. A secret society is revealed in the movie. One of its members is Palmer. His 'terrorist' was always known but never arrested until Flynn did it. We always allege you don't shoot your own dog. Was the Peoples Institute the reference of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT? Luigi Galleani the real bomber was personally chosen by Palmer and Rockefeller for scholarship. It was an interesting time. It is history oft repeated I'm sure even in our own era. There are cops like Hoover. Rarer are ones like Flynn.

Posted by George Freund on September 8, 2012 at 10:35 PM 2444 Views