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The End of an Era on Conspiracy Cafe 2012-07j-03


Andy Griffith renowned actor who played the model law enforcement officer passes away. The whole concept of the peace officer died long before. Our new model is Gestapo tactics of the lowest common denominator. American Police Captain examines the genitals of teenage girl after forcing her to strip. Welcome to the New World Order. Major storm in the UK. Major fires in the US. D.C. millions without power days after. What's funny about BE PREPARED? War drums beat as preparations underway to begin Middle East conflict. Saudis open bypass pipeline. Iran votes to close the Strait of Hormuz. US Navy reinforces. China 'combat ready'. Turkey beefs up border. Fools and patsies arrested in run up to games. ETA terrorists in London. Citizens protest missile deployment in London. Thousands smuggled into Britain from France. Police asleep. Newspaper on alert. Neo Nazi death squad under control of Constitution Police in Germany. Go figure. McAfee says billions stolen in hack robberies. Barclays Bank exposed as price fixer of last resort in elaborate scheme. Merkel takes the comprimise. Euro bonds till we bust. Zero interest rate near. Bank functions split. Non prosecution agreement arranged. Is the move against the banks Templar II? Maojor US banks have to submit LIVING WILLS. Fedsters bailout their own. Gold classified as zero risk by Fed. Secret RIO + 20 agreements. Bird flu research published - AIRBORNE! GMO's don't work they kill. UK Station 22 torture facility. Microchips in Obamacare. Ontario makes abortion stats State secret. On Conspiracy Cafe it's the end of an era.

Posted by George Freund on July 7, 2012 at 6:47 PM 3660 Views