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Achmed the dead terrorist and Henry Kissenger. I keel you. Might makes right. The US vs John Lennon. The 1972 Republican Convention bombing plot. Louis Tackwood and The Glass House Tapes. LAPD spying and plotting with the CIA. Larry McDonald and the Munich Massacre. Mae Brussell. Nixon outed as gay. Freedom DEMANDS ACTION. Montana recalling Senators. Enemy Expatriation Act removes citizenship. Wikipedia Blackout. Apple's back door. Mitt the Twit wants to take your vote. Depopulus. FBI's database. TB for all. Google Strata Code Did you hear it? Mysterious sounds around the Earth. Murdered Oxford professor connected to Dr. David Kelly. Chimeric monkeys a challenge to God. The three days of darkness. Costa Concordia and EMP. Costa Concordia an EU OMEN. Middle East war threats scarrorism. Vincennes false flag. Moon rocks fakes. Have fossil impressions. But that's NOT NEWS. Von Braun's revelations. Conspiracy Cafe is The Code Room.

Posted by George Freund on January 24, 2012 at 10:40 PM 2455 Views