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They're Playing the Wild Card on Conspiracy Cafe



December 7th a day of infamy in '41 and a day of conspiracy in 2011. Stephen Harper sells out Canada in secret border deal. Pearl Harbour warnings ignored then and now. The Great Pacific War by Hector C. Bywater outlined the war in the Pacific in 1925. Yamamoto used the book as training text to attack America. On the eve of the War of 1812 Harper surrenders Canada. Laura Secord saved the nation. Detention Centers go live with Halliburton contracting staff. National Defense Authorization Act penned in secret by McCain the Manchurian Candidate Senator passes. Secret detentions and assassinations in the cards. Kill order for Ron Paul? Conservatives establish Office of Religious Freedom in return to the INQUISITION. The Senator from Manchuria. McCain provokes Arab Spring in Russia, rubs glass in Putin's eye setting the stage for WWIII. Was that the Vietnamese plan for revenge? Have McCain start a war with Russia and watch it be destroyed. Google Code honours committed communist Diego Rivera. The Uprising. Frozen Assets. Indian Warrior. Agrarian Leader Zapata and the Pale Horse of Revelation. Man at the Crossroads communist masterpiece destroyed by WE THE PEOPLE. Man, Controller of the Universe apostasy. North Korea pegged for EMP attack on America. U.S Postal Service facing bankruptcy. Stolen gold in courts. UBS says buy METALS: tinned food, weapons, gold. China has 3,000 miles of tunnels and a massive nuclear arsenal. Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia. America troops found in mass grave in American garbage dump. They're playing the wild card on Conspiracy Cafe.

SCRATCH ONE FLATTOP: John McCain and the USS Forrestal Fire

Is John McCain the Manchurian Candidate to initiate a war with Russia to get revenge for the Vietnam War?

Posted by George Freund on December 10, 2011 at 3:58 PM 3133 Views