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Our August 4, 2011 show recovered from obscurity.

EU's top Hedge Fund dumps Goldman Sachs. Death and fraud around Carroll Global Corporation. HSBC slashes jobs. FBI investigates Fullerton Police killing. Secret meetings with Murdoch. Blair's in bed with Murdoch. Lawyer says Shale murdered. Morgan defiant but clue at MI6 agent's death scene spell PIER. Morgan filmed death scene of Insp. Munro. High level diplomats and police sent to McCann's in Portugal. Details an official secret. Charity boss and youth adviser acquaintance of David Cameron goes down for sadistic rapes and kiddie porn. Common Purpose a conspiracy? Tony Blair covers for paedophiles. Issues D notices to muzzle the press in links to state child molesters. Operation Avalanche uncovers 35,000 child sex offenders in the U.S. at Landslide Productions. 100 are charged. Bush Administration and defence industry rife with them. Dunblane massacre official secret for 100 years. Thomas Hamilton provider of young boys to the elites. Elites reward him with gun licence. Politicians in U.K. infested by sex offenders. Liberty Media owns surveillance technology. Makes deals with Murdoch. U.K. sitcom Suburban Shootout a parody of Chipping Norton. Sarah Payne murder frame up. McCann lead detective jailed and disgraced. Other Praia da Luz murders. Yacht clue leads to Australian woman. Lucien Freud linked to notorious Kray crime family. Men in Black murder in Norway. Pre-attack sewer work in Olso. American Ambassador visits military base near Anders farm. It's News of the World on Conspiracy Cafe.


As they say in the Canadian 9/11 eh?

MI6 agent Gareth Williams targeted for death

To find her you'd have to look

Posted by George Freund on August 10, 2011 at 9:48 AM 3532 Views