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The Olympians on Conspiracy Cafe


Our July 21, 2011 episode retrieved from the That Channel archives.

CIA enters your home via software. War criminals welcome in Toronto. Secret Somali prisons. MI6 recruiting ground for BP. Columbia's military death squads kill the innocent for advantage. Bilderberg 2011 recap on target. The Final Solution for the health budget. 911 conference coming at Ryerson University in Toronto. Why are Merkel and Sarkosy smiling? The 1,000 year Reich has been achieved. Lucian Freud dies. Brooks loses laptop. Parliament misled by Murdoch. Secret meetings with PM. Fox news has a 'black ops' department. Elite rich party orgy before scandal. Les Hinton resigns. Police Commissioners resign as sacrifice to Murdoch. Sean Hoare suspicious death. Brooks arrested as part of dog and pony show. Royals hide hacking evidence. Murdoch hack to lead committee. Military Intelligence tied to News. Body washes up on Paul McCartney's shore. Sir Clement Freud soloed with Band on the Run. McCartney a Glastonbury man. The mysterious death of Chief Constable Todd. The News of the World Vendetta. On Conspiracy Cafe we expose The Olympians.

Posted by George Freund on July 27, 2011 at 7:05 PM 2439 Views