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Homeland: S6 EP8 alt.truth


Homeland is an American political thriller television series developed by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa based on the Israeli series Hatufim (English title: Prisoners of War), which was created by Gideon Raff.

The series stars Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison, a Central Intelligence Agency officer with bipolar disorder, and Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody, a United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper. Mathison had come to believe that Brody, who was held captive by al-Qaeda as a prisoner of war, was "turned" by the enemy and poses a threat to the United States.

"alt.truth" is the eighth episode of the sixth season of the American television drama series Homeland, and the 68th episode overall. It premiered on Showtime on March 12, 2017.


Saul (Mandy Patinkin) visits Carrie (Claire Danes) at her home and finds her distraught about losing her daughter. He takes Carrie to Franny's foster home and parks across the street so Carrie can see that her daughter is in good care. Saul asks a now calm Carrie to help facilitate a meeting between Majid Javadi (Shaun Toub) and President-elect Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel). At the meeting, Javadi tells Keane that Nafisi did make payments to North Korea and that there is reason to believe Iran is contravening the nuclear agreement. Carrie and Saul are blindsided, having expected Javadi to say the opposite. After Keane leaves, Saul demands answers from Javadi. Javadi admits that he aligned himself with Dar Adal, having concluded that Dar's influence in the CIA far exceeds Saul's.

Quinn (Rupert Friend), increasingly paranoid of Astrid and Dar Adal, finds Astrid's gun in her car and empties the bullets. He also thinks he sees Astrid talking to Belli (C.J. Wilson) at the supermarket. When Quinn confronts Astrid with his suspicions and only gets denials, he punches her in the stomach and leaves to track down the neighbor, having seen his truck at a motel. However, when he stakes out the motel, he ends up attacking an innocent stranger. While Quinn apologizes to Astrid for his actions after returning, he is grazed in the head by a bullet through the window, fired by Belli. Astrid rushes out to her car to get her gun and is killed due to the gun not being loaded. The attacker targets Quinn next, hitting him in the shoulder and knocking him into the lake. He fires several shots into the water and, satisfied that Quinn must be dead, flees the scene. Quinn emerges from the water shortly thereafter.

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