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The mysterious loss of HMAS Sydney (D48) WW2 documentary

HMAS Sydney, named after the Australian city of Sydney, was one of three modified Leander-class light cruisers operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Ordered for the Royal Navy as HMS Phaeton, the cruiser was purchased by the Australian government and renamed prior to her 1934 launch.

During the early part of her operational history, Sydney helped enforce sanctions during the Abyssinian crisis, and at the start of World War II was assigned to convoy escort and patrol duties in Australian waters. In May 1940, Sydney joined the British Mediterranean Fleet for an eight-month deployment, during which she sank two Italian warships, participated in multiple shore bombardments, and provided support to the Malta Convoys, while receiving minimal damage and no casualties. On her return to Australia in February 1941, Sydney resumed convoy escort and patrol duties in home waters.

On 19 November 1941, Sydney was involved in a mutually destructive engagement with the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran, and was lost with all hands (645 aboard). The wrecks of both ships were lost until 2008; Sydney was found on 17 March, five days after her adversary. Sydney's defeat is commonly attributed to the proximity of the two ships during the engagement, and Kormoran's advantages of surprise and rapid, accurate fire. However, the cruiser's loss with all hands compared to the survival of most of the Germans has resulted in conspiracy theorists alleging that the German commander used illegal ruses to lure Sydney into range, that a Japanese submarine was involved, and that the true events of the battle are concealed behind a wide-ranging cover-up, despite the lack of evidence for these allegations.

That's rich. Do you think the lack of evidence might have something to do with the fact the evidence is covered by The Official Secrets Act FOREVER?

My comment the algorthim pulls almost immediately.

If this was a normal battle from war, there would be no need to hide things under the cloak of The Official Secrets Acts of the nations involved. They mention the 75 year original. However, then the Australian government decided to keep the details secret FOREVER. There must be a monumental lie to cover up. Some of the opinions outlined in the comments say believe the Germans. To a degree I do. They state very clearly they never fired a torpedo. The best evidence is the wreck now that it is discovered.

The damage was catastrophic. The Germans are in enemy controlled waters thousands of miles from home. It would be quite logical to meet up with the Japanese submarine or submarines lying on station. Standing forces are standard operating procedures. My country is in standing force Atlantic.

Therefore, the only source for the torpedo would be the Japanese submarine. They had the long lance torpedo which was a very effective long range one. If it was announced the Japanese committed an act of war prior to Pearl Harbor, the Pacific theater should have been on full alert not sleeping at dawn December 7th.

The Germans are lying here at points too. One of them turns and looks away all the time when saying something crucial. If you are trained in investigations, you'd pick up on that right away. The German sailors were ordered not to reveal what really happened. You must remember they were in Hitler's Germany. Having your family strung up by piano wire was the truth telling option. There could be no survivors from Sydney. Any one would attract national media attention. Those that survived were murdered and perhaps not even by Germans. That's how important the attack on Pearl was to the war effort.

In Day of Deceit by Robert Stinnett the last surviving member of Admiral Kimmel's staff at Pearl, he publishes declassified orders from Gen. George Marshall ordering the military forces at Pearl to not repeat not fire on the Japanese.

Military strategy requires sacrifice when starting and maintaining a war. From remember the Maine to remember Pearl Harbor the lust for war is created and exacerbated. It is no quantum leap. You know the truth of what they won't tell you by the degree to which they hide it. Plato said the state was the only entity permitted to lie. Churchill said the truth was so precious it was protected by a bodyguard of lies. We cannot know it because it will set us free, and we are mandated to be kept as slaves to these lies. They may call it statecraft.

What happened at Pearl was one of the major lies unleashed upon the world. There are others I call Rosetta stones of deceit. The assassination of JFK and then RFK and Dr. Martin Luther King are a cluster of them. Then there is 9/11 and the Brit's 7/7 to a lesser degree. The latest is the COVID lie. Pentagon Project 2101 cannot become part of the dialogue and will not be a talking point on TV. There are 25 secret labs involved. The one in Tbilisi, Georgia has been unmasked. American diplomats carried the dreaded plague under diplomatic cover to Wuhan, and yes they tested it on bats. 

The lie creates the power base to give control to various unsavory elements that dominate the world. Though I detest the process, FDR and Churchill were faced with no other viable option. The vast majority of Americans were against a foreign war. That changed in a few hours to almost 100% in favor. That is the whip that gets the people in line with the interests of our leaders. We usually only have to be whipped once well. Then we fall in line. But to end war once and for all mandates we find and tell the truth. To that end the noble try.

The other big lie was the loss of the USS Juneau. They were left in the water too. The captain spent time in Newfoundland during a FDR Churchill conference. USS Indianapolis was FDR's floating station. Dead men tell no tales. Live ones must do it for them.

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