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The Death Railway That Killed 100,000 | Moving Half The Mountain | Timeline

Moving Half The Mountain documents the true stories of the survivors from one of the worst atrocities of the Second World War the brutal use of prisoners (POWs) and forced local labour by the Japanese to build a railway linking Thailand to Burma. These men are now in their twilight years but their memories are as clear as though it were yesterday.

The Burma Railway, also known as the Death Railway, the Siam–Burma Railway, the Thai–Burma Railway and similar names, is a 415-kilometre (258 mi) railway between Ban Pong, Thailand and Thanbyuzayat, Burma, built by the Empire of Japan from 1940–1944 to supply troops and weapons in the Burma campaign of World War II. This railway completed the rail link between Bangkok, Thailand and Rangoon, Burma. The name used by the Japanese Government is Thai–Men-Rensetsu-Tetsudou (泰緬連接鉄道;), which means Thailand-Burma-Link-Railway.

The Thai portion of the railway continues to exist, with three trains crossing the original bridge twice daily bound from Bangkok to the current terminus at Nam Tok. Most of the Burmese portion of the railroad (the spur from the Thai border that connects to the Burma main line to Moulmein) fell into disrepair decades ago and has not seen service since.

Between 180,000 and 250,000 Allied prisoners of war were subjected to forced labour during its construction. About 16,000 Allied prisoners died.


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