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How Batman Massacre James Holmes was Programmed to Assassinate

James Holmes is an innocent man. He was programmed by a US Government Agency to carry out there planned attack and frame him for there benefit. James Holmes has no recollection of this event just like Sirhan Sirhan who was imprisoned for the Assassination of Robert Kennedy. Both were Programmed to kill.

He studied Neuroscience in the Universtity of Colorado, and may have been involved in mind altering neuroscience research.

Why did eye witnesses report a second Gas Canister coming from another direction in the Theatre?

Why did he receive a phone call on his cell and walk to the exit?

Why was his car parked out the front yet he went to the Fire Exit too collect his weapons?

Why does James Holmes have no recollection of this event?

Why did it look like James Holmes was severely drugged up during the Hearing?

Why has the FBI refused to listen to eye witnesses accounts?

Why have eye witnesses video's been removed from YouTube?

Why was there an Identical incident earlier that morning they called an Emergency Drill?

Why did he surrender so easily to the police?

Why, if his plan was just to kill people, why did he admitted to have bombs placed in his apartment?

How does a unemployed student get equipped with military gear worth $20,000?

Why has the judge presiding over the case has imposed a gag order preventing involved parties from publicly discussing the case?

Why has James Holmes not had a lie detector test?

Odd how his Father was about to bring some banks down with the power of Knowledge.

Too many questions and not enough answers. So the only answer to this is that a US Government Agency was involved and this is a False Flag event.


Those who disagree then please just try and step out of your mind prison that the Media and your Government have placed you in. You might like it Lol

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Posted by George Freund on January 20, 2013 at 8:59 AM 3636 Views