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Tom Renz | State Laws Pushing CBDC

When it comes to who is behind the push to sneak #CBDC #legislation on the state level we need look no further than the Uniform Law Commission (the #ULC… stinking lawyers).The response from many lawmakers when people are questioning these bills is that it's conspiracy theory to suggest these UCC bills will facilitate CBDC. I'm here to tell you that your state could be next, pay close attention. @KristiNoem #Inflation #Crypto #PreciousMetals #Truth #HouseofReps #Senate #BidenCrimeFamily #RenzRants #TheTomRenzShow

The Tyrants Are Passing State Laws to Push CBDCs

For those that are living under a rock (or that have more interesting things to do than follow monetary policy) CBDC stands for Central Bank Digital Currency and it, along with gene therapy jabs, stands as the greatest threat to freedom on the planet. Digital currency is completely trackable and completely controllable. This means that the government and any corporation with the proper access will be able to know exactly how you spend every digital penny of your money. It also means that the government (or possibly global governments or global corporations) would have the ability to control what you spend your money on. Spend too much on gas they take some of your money for emitting too many greenhouse gases. Want to buy a gun… forget it.





Posted by George Freund on March 20, 2023 at 10:15 AM 74 Views