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Stop the Carbon Tax! Trudeau plans on hiking carbon tax by 50% as coronavirus shuts down Canada

BTO You Ain't seen nothing yet.

We are headed to a complete and total economic collapse. Think it wasn't planned. Emperor Justinian allowed or perhaps even facilitated two Chinese agents to walk away with a sample of the virus from the Winnipeg lab. They took it to Wuhan and the MSM covered his ass and blamed it on bats. His personal police force ruled out complicity. No one was responsible.

This could manifest into what is termed an ELE extinction level event. While fighting the imaginary carbon war, he left the vault open at a class 4 bio-lab. He desired to make our streets safer by vilifying legal gun owners setting them in the sights of his oppression. Now it's payback time for letting the class clown manage the country.

There are allegations he skipped school back in the day and attended Piggy's Palace the bar at the Pickton farm. Many charges were not laid to conceal the primary piece of evidence the sign in book. His police force has served him well.

We reap the reward for not following parliamentary tradition with tarring and feathering. Think about that when you start coughing your lungs out and drowning in your fluids writhing in agony.

He paid off the girl he groped in those days during the election with 1.5 million for the non disclosure agreement so that means it never happened. Four parents at the school died under mysterious circumstances for demanding action for their daughters. Missing women? Ask the wolf from his cell at GITMO.

It's time to pray.

Did China Steal Coronavirus from Canada & Weaponize It?

Hopefully he sold us all out for more than Billy Clinton. He lost the launch codes for a rattle on the zipper by a Chinese agent.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

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