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UN Agenda 21and UN Agenda 2030. A Must See for Everyone

The world is under a three pronged assault. The invader is AI. Boris Johnson spoke rather openly about the threat Mr. Putin said was more dangerous than nuclear weapons. He outlined a long list of risks and dangers where the algorithm would decide your every move and thought. It is a slavery beyond any ever contemplated in history. The Google Sidewalk city will be a digital concentration camp.

In The Day After Roswell Col. Philip Corso said the life at Roswell was the silicon wafer not the bipedal creatures which were GM robots. He said we would spread the silicon around the world like Ebola until a giant computer brain controlled everything. It would be the beast system as described in the Bible.

The robots thus far created openly admit they are to take over the world. To achieve that end a police state mechanism is required. Radical environmentalists openly call for the culling of the human heard. A green police state will orchestrate that end with willing adherents duped into the plot as a saving the planet ruse. That ruse diverts attention from the true emergency the AI takeover of humanity.

The third facet of the assault is the attack on free speech and the right to bear arms so that the future slaves may never have a capacity to resist the usurpation of existence. Another facet is to merge surviving persons into cyborgs so that all carbon based life remaining is merged with silicon. The rest will be eliminated. That's why there is a push to eliminate gender. Robots don't have gender.

Elon Musk has stated that if you have an iphone, you're already a cyborg. Their goal is to load your consciousness to the cloud. Jesus is heralded to rise with those of us who remain to free the dead in the clouds. That rings rather prophetically at this time.

I host Missouri's Power Hour Nation one of the few sources of information on the war against the tree of life carbon based life. The tree of knowledge was the silicon based life. The Apple was prophetic. You take a byte from it. The early church skewed the message to solidify their power over people to hide the true meaning.

This is the ultimate time of strife as the beast system comes to life and you come to enslavement. Emancipate yourself.

Posted by George Freund on October 5, 2019 at 8:14 AM 158 Views