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Mysterious Humming Sound Recorded In Northern Sweden


A MYSTERIOUS buzzing sound from the sky has baffled locals as it left them feeling like the "air was vibrating" - with residents adding "something strange is going on".

By Henry Holloway / Published 9th October 2018

YouTuber Rene Krupinski shared the bizarre clip which features a low unusual fluctuating noise appearing to emanate from the sky in Sweden.

The two minute and 21 second video was reshared by another YouTube channel today.

It is the latest in a string of unusual noises to heard from the sky worldwide – with unusual hums and horrific “trumpet” noises.

Scientists have been theorising what is causing this noise, with theories ranging from shifting ice to distant storms.

Krupinski shared the video of him standing in a snowy landscape, which is silent apart from a constant low buzz – and a passing snowmobile.


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