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David Wilcock leaving GAIA over "Luciferian" agenda divide

(Natural News) According to numerous media reports and a leaked email, David Wilcock of is leaving GAIA TV over some rather sharp disagreements, including what Wilcock describes as a "Luciferian" agenda involving the GAIA show called Ancient Civilizations.

In the video below, I offer a detailed analysis of David Wilcock’s complaints against GAIA, along with some kind words about Wilcock’s overall work (and his interest in awakening humanity to many topics). We’ve never covered David Wilcock before, but he’s been an influential lecturer, speaker and filmmaker on many topics of interest to curious minds.

I don’t have any particular beef with GAIA, by the way, and in fact I filmed 12 episodes with GAIA TV several years ago, working with Ed Group. I was treated very kindly and fairly and have no personal complaints whatsoever against GAIA. I didn’t continue filming with them simply because I got busy with other projects, and their “GAIA TV” launch was still in its early stages, without much viewership at that time.

Because of the volatile nature of the subject matter here, I’m inviting GAIA TV as well as David Wilcock to reply to Natural News, if they wish, with any clarifying statements or videos they’d like to make public. I’m also inviting David Wilcock to launch a channel on and post whatever videos he’s like to get out to the public, free from the censorship of YouTube and the contractual controls of GAIA (or anyone else).

Every topic is acceptable for Wilcock to discuss on Nothing is out of bounds, which is the whole point of launching a video site that isn’t controlled by evil techno-tyranny pushers like Google.

Here’s my full video report on David Wilcock leaving GAIA.

GAIA is a Roman goddess

It's a funny thing. I've argued till I've been blue in the face with the devotees of the GAIA philosophy on several points. First and foremost was the Luciferian infiltration. Many facets of their mantra reek of it so I never trusted anything coming out of the operation. David Wilcock was used as their ultimate source. Well there we have it. The Grand Vizier has spoken. They were infiltrated with Luciferians. However, there could be another rationale. He could be the Luciferian destroying the movement. Either way the false path so many have been seduced into is exposed as just that. In spite of great pressure including great loses I remained firm using Aristotle's laws of logic as a discernment tool. Cults just demand blind obedience from their followers. They were a big one. I refuse to submit to blind obedience as a rule. Like many false fronts they talk a good agenda while working for the dark side. They've operated like that for thousands of years under one guise or another. Hopefully the victims are able to restore themselves to some sort of balance. I would further hope they be leery of false prophets. They're everywhere masquerading as angels of light.

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