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USS Akutan dumped 3000 tons of Mustard Gas Bombs at the BP/Deepwater Horizon Well.

V123 USS Akutan dumped 3000 tons of Mustard Gas Bombs at the BP/Deepwater Horizon Well.

6,000,000 pounds (Six million pounds). 600 -- 10,000 pound bombs. 100 semi-truck loads of bombs. Get the picture. March 1946. (USS Latten & Army/USNS-694)

Location: Gulf of Mexico near Mississippi River Delta, United States

Coordinates: 28°44′17.30″N 88°21′57.40″W

Spill date: 20 April, 2010

Bounding Coordinates: MC252 Wellhead Location West Bounding Coordinate: 88.365945 East Bounding Coordinate: 88.365945 North Bounding Coordinate: 28.738140 South Bounding Coordinate: 28.738140

The Macondo Prospect (Mississippi Canyon Block 252, abbreviated MC252) N 28.73667 W 88.38694

A quote from Dr. (Attorney and Author) Richard Albright: But what do we do when the threat comes, not from abroad, but from the Department of Defense (DOD) itself? What if our own worst enemy is the same institution that is charged with defending us?

I would like to thank some real heroes and/or their families for coming forward and confirming this gross manmade catastrophe: US Navy & USS Akutan: Stack, Morris, Paganello, Smith, Barcowski, Reed, Messler, Fredrickson, Wooley, Kobasic, Colony, IronMountainPGH, Brown and Admiral John Christenson President of the Naval War College and my cousin. Previous command: The Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) is a United States Navy organization whose purpose is to inspect and assess material condition of U.S. Navy vessels. (Confirmed coordinates, radio calls, medical problems, etc.) and Times Picayune reporter: Mark Schleifstein and Michelle Krupa. Existence of chemical warfare weapons and types in New Orleans and burial locations that are not public. They disclosed this information at their own peril. bloggers/commenters/monikers: "uptheriver", "dimdingiedon", "Wekntmkthsup", "blackmoe" and "hebjamn". THE MANIPULATERS. See V120.

USS Akutan never sailed again. The ship was less than two years old. The crew had to wear gas masks while loading the mustard gas bombs. There were 7 Lassen Class Ships that were built. The USS Akutan was the best of the seven. The ship was quarantined. Radio calls from NJKW (Akutan) were recorded. Positions were noted.

Concord Spur is located between Children's Hospital, The Fly at Audubon Park and Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans. The Army Corp of Engineers built a massive structure on the site thereby destroying Concord Spur. The Army Corp has released a cover story to hide the recovery of chemical warfare weapons from Concord Spur. The cover story involves raising the levee at The Fly. I lived one block from The Fly at 216 Walnut Street. Please remember that USAA Military Insurance settled my Hurricane Katrina Claim because of "long term medical issues". The Pentagon informed Generals Robles and Moellering (President and Chairman of USAA) that the Katrina Virus had been released during Hurricane Katrina and that they should expedite settlements with military policy holders in Orleans Parish. Harcros (Thompson- Hayward) chemical produced Agent Orange in a factory straight north of my Walnut Street address. As a kid I delivered chemicals to and from Harcros as well as receiving chemicals from Harcros at my dad's company, ACCO Unlimited in Des Moines Iowa.

The following are the unclassified locations for chemical warfare weapons per the US Army; 1. Gulf of Mexico (GOM) 2 mustard bombs. 2. GOM 3 phosgene bombs. Research indicates that it is 124 German made bombs. 3. GOM 75,000 pounds of mustard bombs. 4. GOM Est. 1600 tons of Riot Control Agent Projectiles. (CNS) 5. GOM Est. 3200 tons of chemical warfare contaminates. (Test and Research agents.) 6. New Orleans (NO) English Turn Millions of pounds. 7. NO Lakeview Research Facility 8. NO 9th Ward Unknown. 9. NO Marigny/Bywater Millions of pounds. (May have been removed in 2010 & 2011) 10. NO Mississippi Gulf Outlet Canal Unknown. Ships and Barge storage. 11. NO Industrial Canal and the Danziger Bridge*********** Multiple locations. Unknown. 12. Tulane University and Tulane Hospital. Research. 5 Blocks from my Walnut Street house. 13. Ochsner Hospital. Research. 20 Blocks from my Walnut Street house. 14. Etc.....

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