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It is my opinion Jack was sent to the South Pacific to be silenced with his death in combat. No suspicion would be raised. Others with prior knowledge of Pearl Harbor had the same fate. Jack had to know based on his serving in intelligence at the outset. His seduction of purported spy Inga Arvad had a lot to do with it. We see in the movie his refusing to return to the States for leave. He couldn't. He saw plenty of action unlike other heroes. This tells the story. It was a hard one to find.

On September 24, 1941 Kennedy, with the help of then director of the Office of Naval Intelligence, and former naval attaché to Joseph Kennedy, joined the United States Naval Reserve. He was commissioned an ensign on October 26, 1941, and joined the staff of the Office of Naval Intelligence in Washington, D.C.

In January 1942, Kennedy was assigned to the ONI field office at Headquarters, Sixth Naval District, in Charleston, South Carolina.


PT 109 is a 1963 American Technicolor biographical war film, filmed in Panavision, which depicts the actions of John F. Kennedy (JFK) as an officer of the United States Navy in command of Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 during the Pacific War of World War II from the book PT 109: John F. Kennedy in World War II by Robert J. Donovan. Cliff Robertson stars as Kennedy, with featured performances by Ty Hardin, James Gregory, Robert Culp, and Grant Williams.

PT 109 was the first commercial theatrical film about a sitting United States President released while he was still in office and still alive. It was released in the United States on June 19, 1963, five months before Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.


In August 1942, the American forces are fighting the Japanese across the Pacific. U.S. Navy Lieutenant, junior grade John F. Kennedy (Cliff Robertson) uses his family's influence to get himself assigned to the fighting in the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Theater during World War II, much to the surprise of Commander C.R. Ritchie (James Gregory). Kennedy lobbies for command of a PT boat and is assigned to the "109", a badly damaged boat in dire need of repair and overhaul.

On one mission, the PT 109 is sent to evacuate paramarines after their Raid on Choiseul. Kennedy successfully takes aboard the survivors, but barely gets out of range of Japanese mortars before running out of fuel. The tide starts to carry the boat back toward the island. Kennedy, his crew, and the rescued Marines face the prospect of a desperate fight for their lives, but in the nick of time, another PT boat arrives and tows the 109 to safety.

Another sortie is less successful. While on patrol one, dark, moonless night in August 1943, a Japanese destroyer appears suddenly out of the darkness, rams and slices the 109 in two, killing two of the thirteen crew (Marney and Kirksey). Kennedy survives the collision and searches for survivors, despite injuring his back. When Kennedy and his men are presumed dead by nearby allies, Kennedy leads the survivors in swimming to a deserted island, while himself towing a badly burned crewman. Kennedy encounters two natives and gives them a carved message on a coconut. The coastwatcher sends more natives to the island, they take Kennedy with them, and the coastwatcher arranges for a rescue.


JFK's father, Joseph Kennedy, had been a Hollywood producer and head of the RKO studio at one point in his career, and he used his influence to negotiate the film rights to Donovan's biography of his son. The film was made under the "personal supervision" of Warner's head of production, Jack L. Warner. The White House sent Alvin Cluster, a wartime buddy of JFK, who was also his former commanding officer, as well as a PT boat commander to act as a liaison between Warners and the White House for the film.

The White House had full approval of casting and other aspects of the film. Kennedy selected Robertson after viewing the screen tests. Robertson met with President Kennedy, who set three conditions on the film: that it be historically accurate, that profits go to the survivors of PT 109 and their families, and President Kennedy had the final choice of lead actor.


PT 109 is reported missing and a search is started. According to National Geographic and the original book, the boat explosion was observed from other PT boats in the vicinity and it was given up as lost. A memorial service was held at the motor torpedo boat squadron's forward operating base at Rendova while the crew was still marooned on the islands in the vicinity of Japanese-held Kolombagara Island.

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