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This is the penultimate war that was ever waged. Our very existence is as a result of it. The good guys lost unfortunately. We have been slaves of Rome the shadow government since. As time warriors we must right the wrongs from the past. Only then can we achieve true dominion. Rome wrote the history The traitor Josephus was the scribe. The archeology doesn't support his version of events ergo he lied. All that we know was based upon that lie and the mind control we have been exposed too. Plato's laws of logic discern scripture. There are two dialectics. They are glaringly obvious. If you believe in Jesus accept his calling the rock of the church Satan and see them for their works. God said the temples were for the uncircumcized. Call him a liar and accept the words of men or embrace his footstool. For only God can release us from this system of bondage Rome. Altars, idols, temples and money are not the way. Scripture says that. The Lord is waiting for the faithful. 

The siege was lost here. Eleazar Ben Yair lost it by not firing on the slaves building the ramp. They were weaponized by Lucius Flavius Silva. As difficult as it is the enemies weapons have to be rendered inoperative. In the modern era they are the bodies and the memories of the sacrificed in the false flag attacks. You cannot take in the power of the weaponized. It will destroy and enslave us. 


Masada is an American television miniseries that aired on ABC in April 1981. Advertised by the network as an "ABC Novel for Television," it was a fictionalized account of the historical siege of the Masada citadel in Israel by legions of the Roman Empire in AD 73. The TV series' script is based on the novel The Antagonists by Ernest Gann, with a screenplay written by Joel Oliansky. The siege ended when the Roman armies entered the fortress, only to discover the mass suicide by the Jewish defenders when defeat became imminent.

The miniseries starred Peter O'Toole as Roman legion commander Lucius Flavius Silva, Peter Strauss as the Jewish commander Eleazar ben Ya'ir, and Barbara Carrera as Silva's Jewish mistress. It was O'Toole's first appearance in an American miniseries.

The music for Parts I and II were composed by Jerry Goldsmith. Because of myriad production delays, Goldsmith was forced to move on to other previously contracted scoring commitments. Parts III and IV were composed by Morton Stevens, based on the themes and motifs Goldsmith had written.

Masada was filmed on location at the site of the ancient fortress, in the Judean Desert, Israel. Remains of a ramp, created during the filming to simulate the ramp built by the Romans to take the fortress, can still be seen at the site. ABC, concerned that the audience would be unfamiliar with the historical background of the story, commissioned a 30-minute documentary, Back To Masada. Starring Peter O'Toole, it recounts the history of the Jewish revolt against Rome. The network gave the documentary to its affiliates to run in the weeks before the premiere of the miniseries.

Part II

Learning of the breaking of the truce upon his return from Rome, Silva marches the 5000 men of the 10th Legion to the foot of Masada and lays a siege to the apparently impregnable fortress. He directs Quadratus and Merovius on a suicidal assault of the fortress in order to remove them from his forces and make them an example to any others who share their political leanings. Rubrius Gallus directs that a ramp be built to almost the summit of the mountain intent on breaking through the Masada walls with the aid of a 50-foot siege tower that is being constructed out of sight of the rebels. When Eleazar successfully attacks the Roman soldiers building the ramp with catapulted stones, Silva quickly rounds up hundreds of Jews from the surrounding area to use as slaves to continue the work, believing correctly that Eleazar will not attack fellow Jews. This makes Eleazar change his tactics to psychological warfare, allowing the heat of the sun and revealing the surplus of water on Masada to demoralize the Roman troops. Also, he acts to capitalize on the Romans' belief in reading the future from the entrails of sacrificed goats, leading a party through the Roman sentries at night to feed the goats maggots, knowing that their discovery during the rituals will be seen as a bad omen. Eleazar's problems are further compounded by his own religious doubts and opposition from the more pacifist groups on Masada.

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