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There are significant threats to the planet Earth. There are quakes clusters and volcanic eruptions happening to an extent that we smell the action of a human hand in the clouds of gas. Paul Allen's yacht is traversing the Indian Ocean heading to Mayotte where there is a dormant volcano. They are experiencing an earthquake swarm. Could it be they're naval intelligence or are they the Vulcan religious cult on the loose? New Zealand volcano ready to explode. The Hawaiian volcano erupted thanks to the fracking of a nearby thermal energy venture. Anomaly on the San Andreas Fault. Welcome to the mass extinction Darwin list.

G7 World. How fast can Canada build an A bomb? Canada's Space program with The Ukraine. Trudeau and Obama met in Montreal under a blue arrow. Was it code for a shot at Trump? Missile fired at Air Force One's track to Singapore. South Park Canada U.S. war. Trudeau loses eyebrow alien or android. Papa named as molester. Bilderberg 2018. Truth an endangered species. Supreme Court win public meeting. AI to capture customer service jobs. AI sexbots the graven image. Obama's secret meetings. The shadow government SES. Criminals with badges. Mueller's indictments. Inspector General's report. $21 trillion is that all? De Niro goes rogue. Likes little girls. WWII knowledge controversy. London rage for Tommy.


Posted by George Freund on June 24, 2018 at 8:33 PM 824 Views