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A View from Space Tribute on Conspiracy Café

With our old comrade at the microphone James Haarp, we eulogize the late, great Gary Bell whose A View From Space radio program shook the ionosphere with revelation after revelation. It started what seems to be yesterday, but time has indeed marched on. Originally it was a call in format on the infamous MOJO Radio AM 640 a beacon of free speech with the Troika of Truth Gary Bell, Richard Syrett and Nelson Thall with his Cloak & Dagger radio program. They went around the world and at times lights burned late in the White House in those post 9/11 days when the lies were rampant. Like the BBC beamed into occupied Europe or Radio Free Europe in the cold war, there were few other testimonials to people who were under the disinformation jackboot. Toronto was a nucleus of alternative thought and opinion.

There was pressure to cancel Gary's show in the early years. He could easily be mocked by the brainwashed. I received a call to add some spice to it. My code name was thegeorge. We rocked the house down. It was the most unusual bit of Canadian radio history. I had an unedited, uncensored free speech element any time I wished. That was a powerful weapon to utilize. President Bush himself called Prime Minister Martin to get Nelson, Ladybug and I booted off the air. Gary survived on his own carrying the battle to keep the world informed. As I said to Richard on his podcast, those voices were a glimpse of hope in the dark circumstances we find ourselves in.

Gary took the task to the limit and was let go by AM640 under its present corporate entity. He reported the U.S. moves for a broader war in the Middle East. In a little over six months he was gone. The battle for free speech still rages. His Facebook fan page is heavily censored by someone we may have assumed to be a fellow traveler but isn't. That is a terrible shame because in those early days we stood shoulder to shoulder observing and reporting the Toronto scene up to and including the Toronto equivalent to 9/11. Nelson interviewed me on Cloak & dagger then as a podcast broadcast. The police and the military were moving explosives into the downtown core. One of the faithful observed it and reported it down the line. We blew their cover after observing their movements on CFRB's The Nightside with Mark Elliot. A detailed report was given on Joyce Riley's The Power Hour for the world to hear.

After about a month the Toronto 18 patsies were arrested and paraded as the resident evil with their RCMP informant CSIS agent Mubin Shaikh. That was the power of radio my friends. We averted our 9/11 with top notch reporting in the field. Other cities buried their dead. We revealed the plots. However, the censorship that silenced Gary silences the secret history of A View From Space. The administrator of his fan page does a better job at censorship than Facebook or Google in the great game of deception. So well in fact that I would seriously question who he's working for. However, you can escape the paradigm by changing the channel to That Channel or coming to the Cafe where we don't mince words. We've stopped false flag terror in its tracks. There can be no better tribute for Gary and a View From Space. God bless him.

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on June 16, 2018 at 2:44 PM 900 Views