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It's been a while since we've played in the conpsiracy sandbox. The check engine light has come on. It's time for the G man to slow down. It won't be a full sabbatical even though I feel I deserve it. Things are lining up for the main event. We will answer the call, but not as often.

Donald Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by moving the American embassy. The liberal left are shaking in their boots. Maybe they know Bible prophecy better than they let on. I miss the prophets of a generation ago. Now the younger generation has to take up the slack. We'll be the main event of Richard Syrett's The Conspiracy Show New Years Eve. It'll be a blast. Come to the Cafe as the drama unfolds. We strive for the truth that sets you free.

Toronto was a mainstay of conspiracy talk for many years with the late genre. A View From Space with Gary Bell was a staple. He got the boot. He led the charge against the NWO for quite some time. Whether you ever listened or not the Illuminati feared to tread after he spoke. God bless him. His last show really delved into space weapons and the coming world war. You aren't supposed to know about that. Glenn Ford made a movie exposing the secret societies called Brotherhood of the Bell. We had another brotherhood of the Bell in open broadcasts with Gary.

Iran and Turkey threaten U.S. Biggest Korean drill. Russia's demands. Russia preparing for WW3. China stages Korean drills. Russian Marines on the border. The North won't disarm. The outcomes. CFR says send in the Chinese. Japan ducks for cover. EMP scenario. China nuclear preps. Subs swarm GIUK gap. Russian exploration subs. Russian war subs. Domestic deployment? Super weapon tsunami. How the UK finances Syrian terror forces. Israel bombs Syria again. India active in Yemen war. RT makes the news. The secret Netanyahu Assad deal. Canada mirrors U.S. position. California fire. Prepper loses stash in fire. Streaks in the Florida sky. Russian super volcano erupts. California quake warning. Trump's response? Impeachment? FBI after Clinton Lynch leaker. Flynn guilty of lack of funds. Senator Harry Reid. Now there's a crook. Matt Lauer knock out sex. Trump writer DEAD! Arrests in murder of Panama papers reporter. Some pedo arrests. Elon Musk's tunnels. Flu vaccine court. Don't be late or you get nothing. The Kalergi Plan. Federal concealed carry. Colorado State Rep arrested over gun. The underground angle at L.V. CIA vehicle Assassination program. Bitcoin robbery. Peaking Dow. The end of retail. It's 1929 all over again. On Conspiracy Cafe The Prophet Awakes.

Posted by George Freund on December 9, 2017 at 9:44 PM 1096 Views