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We exist in a dystopian world where the oligarchs determine the 'truth.' Perhaps it has always been that way and we were more willing slaves. That is no longer the case. We have evolved to write and even rewrite the mind control programs. That doesn't sit well with the evil ones. Too bad. There's a power word in play - Conspiracy. We see it at the litmus test for truth. At the Cafe we tread where others fear to. We review The Tillman Story. It is a model of deception with the official document revealed. They lied all the way to the top. They always do. Many other deceptions are apparent with the use of logic. If the words are true than the various components should support each other. When they don't then the lie is revealed. Christianity has many flaws that fail the logic test. Christ himself never celebrated Christmas. There is nothing in the Bible to say we should. Houston we have a problem. We invoke the names of false gods robotically. That's an even bigger problem. False religions use these flaws to destroy the true faith. It is up to us to correct things. First and foremost money is the problem. It never fit in Eden. It is the root of evil in the here and now as the basis for war, conflict and exploitation.

The notorious X-37B is in orbit. It has been a prime suspect in bizarre 'natural' disasters. It is armed with a laser. The Tillman Story. It wasn't 'friendly' fire. It was cold blooded murder. Elite Saudi's rounded up. Prince killed in crash. The purge. The arrests. They are the fake news. War with Iran? For the oil. A 2 state solution or the false peace. Saudi's ordered out of Lebanon. Saudi axis turning. It's about controlling the Middle East. Paying tribute. Is Mohammed Bin Salman anti-Christ? To assume the throne. The Middle East war. Bahrain pipeline explosion. Quakes in Iran. Israel to move into the Golan Heights, conducts largest air exercise. Russia removes chemical weapons from Syria, reinforces the Arctic.

30 FBI agents were checked in to Mandalay Bay. CIA air provided helicopters. Church massacre a psyops. Killer had a past. Oslo church shooter hushed. The attempt on Rand Paul. The Podesta Group. Pedo arrests? Mueller sting? Podesta indictment? Second special counsel. NXIVM sex cult brands its sex slaves. Joe Biden Obergroppenfuhrer. McCain hypocrite womanizer. Taxpayer pays harassment settlements. Articles of impeachment. What a joke. Remember the Islamic spy ring the DNC set up. Bezos a company man. 2 + 2 = 5. Gladstone, Nelson pilloried by communist activists. The war on the Swedish flag. Rainbow warriors. Milk a hate symbol. Holy warrior Barbie. Pad Thai Google Doodle fire and fury.

Paradise papers Canada style. Justin loves Stephen Bronfman. They did help kill Kennedy. Fake terror stops 300 organized crime investigations. Hmm? Trudeau appoints crooked Premier's brother to intelligence review committee. How the elite Dominate. Fed says SELL! Market crash symptoms. The OMENS! Retail Apocalypse. Venezuela defaults. Russia takes their oil. Mid air crash over Rothschild manor. Flat earth conference. New religion AI god. California shakes. Mexican volcano fumes. Man asks for a sign. Human brain tissue for rats. Radioactive cloud over Europe. PLAGUE! 3D printer 45. Sex toys record people. Erdogan targeted. Top Air Force General questions presidential authority. George Patton redux. French cop kills. Man's best friend is a fine alternative for health and well being. On Conspiracy Cafe 2 + 2 = 5.


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