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The dealer is crooked. The cards are marked. The prophecy is sealed. Korean mystic Gang Il-Sun predicted a 3 day war where Seoul is destroyed and a great pandemic spreads around the Earth carried by western troops evacuating the peninsula. Place your bets. It's deep state poker on Conspiracy Cafe. We will warn the world on Richard Syrett's The Conspiracy Show this Sunday night. President Trump is in a no win position, but can Kim Jong-Il be expected to come to a peaceful resolution, or will he use the time to perfect his weapons? The longer the west waits, the more effective those weapons may become.

Seoul at night will be consumed by fire

Mysterious pandemic alert in the Toronto Star a coded warning for war casualties. North Korea threatens Guam. Inches away from war. China fires missiles off of the Korean coast. President Trump warns of fire and fury. Mini nukes for U.S. Defense. China and India meet against pressure of conflict. Pentagon wants to arm The Ukraine. Putin says don't mess with us. Russian exercises not transparent. Russia's strategic logic. U.S. losing Afghan war. Russian short wave signal causing concern. Canada buys 1.2 million AK47 rounds. ISIS terrorists identified and active.

The Bible Code Friend Delays I Hope

My name is German for friend. It has always been my calling.

Soros funds to force regime change on Texas. Mike Pence schemer? Running for President in 2020. American coup? McMaster purging Trump loyalists. McMaster in cahoots with McCabe. Connect the Imran dots to Wasserman Schultz. McCain deep state lackie. FBI General Counsel leaker. Russian oligarch tied to Dole and McCain. Clinton legal to represent Imran. Scaramucci the blade. American civil war if coup. Latest sanctions could end free press. No illusion in Venezuelan election. They cheated. Soldiers attack base. Constitutional assembly appointed to rule by decree. ISIS steal over $700 million from Iraq's central bank.

Greenspan says bubble ready to burst. Goldman Sachs too. EU to freeze deposits. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac need infusion. Big banks blow earnings on share buy backs and dividends. Toronto housing bubble 'pops.' Euro junk bonds tank. Billboard protest in Cardiff. CIA Dumbo tool can create fake evidence and destroy real evidence in computer hack. Hmm? DNC anyone? FCK ZUCK signs popping up. Rand Paul delays NDAA passage. Canadian activist charged with hate crime for criticizing Islam. Overpower armed burglar go to jail. Burglars have rights you know. Boycott Israel go to jail. You don't have rights you know. Australia falsified climate data. Al Gore has earned billions from climate. The transhumanist takeover is here. Facebook exec has seen the future. He's BUGGED OUT! Pilotless planes. Transgenderism is the first step. Subsea fault off Alaska. Eerie glow on George Washington Bridge. Feline parasites cause miscarriages. Reparations to Poland. Netanyahu in the soup. Macron to house migrants. Italy seizes migrant ship. Nation of SHEEPLE! BAH!


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