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NYC bombing changes removes Hillary from the front page. Think that was bad. Try the 70's. Mall stabbing. Charlotte shooting. Clinton collapse. Hillary dead? Details. The outed body double. Russians roast Hillary. Psychic scarring? PAY DNC become Ambassador. Trump's plan. Chaos. Clinton warning. Airstrikes on Syrian army. Russia's concerns. Aid convoy bombed. Russia blamed. Was it faked? Arms in aid revelation. Drone present. Regroup ceasefire. ISIS crucifies pilot. CIA's rebels chase U.S. forces out of town. Turkish army masses in Syria. Baghdad warns Turkey. Aleppo bombed. Medics killed in strike. Russians destroy covert operations base. Kill many. Russian boots on the ground. Chinese in Syria. The Crimean threat. MH17 evidence mishandled. Counterattack. Sweden prepares for nuclear war. The next Battle of the Atlantic. Russia ups SAM's. Britain can't hold off Russians. Russian drill with Pakistan. Russian northern fleet exercise. Russo Chinese landing review. Putin resists globalization. NY Times capsule. Clinton responsible.

Merkel wants to turn back time. Swedish police quit in droves. Car arsons and No-Go areas in Sweden. Duterte revelations. Lesbos under siege. Soros on refugees. Devil's arch erected in NYC. The great Yahoo hack. Massive power failure in Puerto Rico. Goodbye jobs. Tent cities. No food. Digital currency. In the navy pride. Motherles babies. On Conspiracy Cafe it's the Evil Round Table.

Scripture reference from this show's length 1:28:23

Ezekiel 26:1-28:23 New King James Version (NKJV)

Proclamation Against Tyre


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