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Russo Turkish detente. Ankara may close Syrian border. US Ambassador met coup leader. US ground forces in Libya. US warns Turkey about the code of silence regarding coup. Shots heard at Crimean border. Putin reviews security. Russia massing tanks. Poroshenko orders high alert. Russia increases capability of forces at border. Tanks for Crimea. Attempt on LPR leader. Germany, Netherlands to do missile drill in October. The new SMART bomb makes nuclear option tenable. UK military weakened. Ukraine developing ICBM. The Russo Chinese military alliance. Private contractors for war in Syria. US 'abandoned' equipment to terrorists. US terror alliance. 2,000 militants killed. Russia establishes permanent airbase in Syria. THAAD deployment South Korea. UK on the ground in Syria. Aleppo. Obama's Libyan war. Canada's Saudi connection. Weapons via the UAE. Canadian reserves on maneuvers. Australia recruiting hackers. Bio disease on Canadian ship. Chinese sail fleet towards Japan. Vietnam moves missiles to South China Sea. Secret prisons in Iraq. Saudi's strike potato chip factory in Yemen.

We are rapidly entering a death spiral to a major theater conflict in the Middle East. I cannot express how fast matters are developing. Today's postings add to the broth. China is sending troops to Syria. The 100 million man army of prophecy is entering the stage. Are you ready? We will keep reporting until the end.

Khan lied, but Trump felt his wrath. He needs to settle down and not openly react too quickly. It is something Putin is a master of. Trump is up against the NWO elite. Hillary's health in question. ABC cuts Trump goes to music. Clinton aide busted. New Times frontman for military industrial complex. Trump right on NATO. Benghazi SOS. Hillary got Iranian executed with insecure server. Obama stated he's training HIS ISIL forces. The proof. More proof. NSA leaked the E-Mails. How many operatives has Hillary gotten killed? Clinton Foundation the FBI leaks. Hillary's personal wall.

Why does Hillary Clinton look more like Meryl Streep? Would she ever smile next to Billy Bob? And the age wrinkles? GONE!

Canadian terror patsy retired.

Zoo animals on the menu in Venezuela. Bin Laden Group abandons workers in the Saudi desert. US loses 195,000 energy jobs. Canada trades full time for part time if you get one. Jobs numbers spun. UK bank losses. Brexit delayed. Who would have thought? Stock crash warning. $6.5 trillion missing from defense. Obama paid ransom. Swiss terror doesn't even have good fake photos. Olympic sign Welcome to HELL! Olympic force soldier gunned down. The data base on everyone. Mind bending. Echo speaker Big Brother's tool. Gun confiscation meeting. Your Pastor knows about FEMA camps. McCain's files released. Mayoral corruption. They're going to cull the wild horses in Australia. BASTARDS!


Posted by George Freund on August 17, 2016 at 10:38 AM 1696 Views