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BREXIT successful. Cameron's gone. Will it change everything? Will provide cover for bailouts? France wants to punish the Brits. Bankers threaten Britain. The BREXIT a diversion to more Europe. Daiwa says it won't happen. EU stealth coup for CETA. The assassination of Jo Cox. Death to traitors. Follow the money. The Evil Empire Reborn. CIA's got Merkel. The Orlando shooting script. Google picked up the story 6 hours before it happened. James Howell claims CIA. What gunshots? 'Victims' are fakes. FBI redacts ISIS statement we all heard. Psychiatrist never saw alleged killer. The dark forces. It's easy to manipulate you. Aussie MP shoots rival dead in ad.

Fake victim Felipe Marrero

Real wound from an AK47 7.62mm round. Filipe was shot four times. There's not too many places a round could strike and not result in removal of intestines or bowel or damage important blood vessels or organs. This individual would have had to have multiple serious surgeries to survive. I would imagine he would have been in intensive care at least a week if not more. His recuperation would take many long weeks if not months. 

US increasing military readiness. Jordan declares Syrian border a military operations zone. Six soldiers killed. Elites drilling for oil in Syria. Obama woes Saudi prince. US diplomats say strike Syria. Assault for Sirte near. Arms depot destroyed. Kremlin warns US. Russian strike US rebels. Bulgaria says no to NATO deployments. Exercise Tradewinds sees Toronto Police in tandem with the USMC. Al-Baghdadi killed? Hybrid wars. Extreme Balkanization. The ISIS hit list. The convention ambush for Trump. Hillary a foreign agent.

Fake victim Patience Carter

Subprime mortgages insured by Uncle Sam. Rating agencies a joke. Hundreds arrested in Venezuela looting. EU postpones bond decision. Stocks wane. Buybacks plunge. Blame NIRP. German banks say NO! Spain still gored. Death of the dollar not yet. Zombie states. Black box found in EgyptAir crash. Poland exhumes bodies from Smolensk crash. RIMPAC. NDAA passes out the ammunition. Lockheed Martin threatens Canada. No trust for the media. Jay Leno hero. Our auras. On Conspiracy Cafe the False Flag Goes Live.

Real .223 wound to the knee

Posted by George Freund on June 25, 2016 at 2:12 PM 2273 Views