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Russia advances 23,000 troops to The Crimea. Spotted in the convoy were many, many nuclear weapons platforms. Putin and Obama share a long distance call on the HOTLINE? Who was telling who to BACKOFF! We seem to be at the brink, and unlike the Cuban missile crisis, it is approaching like the thief in the night. In this emergency bunker to bunker broadcast stand by your bugout locations just in case.

Kiev unveils its war plan. Saudi Arabia prepares a massive ground army and places its air force under NATO cover in Turkey. They say there's no turning back. Russia threatens to shoot down Turkish aircraft in Syria. Turkey bombs, shells and attacks the Kurds in Syrian territory. Medvedev warns ground troops mean World War 3. A private special forces training center is operating in Ontario. Will they prepare the Jihadis? Nuclear material lost in transit numerous times per year in Canada. Aid money could go to ISIS. DHS scrubs terror records. Russia says NO to GMO! Food shortages in Venezuela. BRIC countries lose round one in economic warfare. Global trade slowdown. Italian banking crisis. EU could be finished. Spain's sins. The Fed is the election question. Does the electorate even know what it is? Peso takes a beating. The market crash and fall. Financial crisis background. NIRP means back to the stone age. MH370 pilot resurfaces. It not news. Chief Justice Scalia found dead. Did they kill the 2nd Amendment with him as the one tried and true holdout. On Conspiracy Cafe the Hydra Masses.


Supreme Court Justice Scalia sealed the child abuse records in Newtown, CT.


Posted by George Freund on February 17, 2016 at 8:23 AM 1639 Views