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We survived the notorious September 23rd. Have we changed destinies? I believe we have. The theme around the movie Tomorrowland was very clear. There is a destruct sequence at play. It is an interactive program. We have to modify the results to survive. It is an acquired skill. Fresh my vacation a retired engineer briefed me on the AVRO Arrow and beyond. Mining execs kidnapped. The raison d'etre perhaps old crimes and new. U. S. positions nuclear weapons in Germany. WHY? It will target all the sites. VW gets hammered by EPA scam. Was it punishment to open the Armageddon front? Bibi talks Syria with Putin. Porko seeks NATO referendum. The grand alliance for war. Ukraine's nuclear defense. SAY WHAT? Blockades of Transnistria and the Crimea. Russia trumps Syrian front. Preparing for war. Weapons in aid shipment. Canadians train Ukrainians. Satellites show buildup. Canada's bid for Russian carriers. Open Skies mission over Russia. Regime change war crimes. Special Economic Zones SLAVE COLONIES! Uruguay says NO! to TISA. Death of the Dollar still in play. Argentine economy. German stock rumble. Brazil Spain domino. Spanish banks may tetter. LNG in OZ. Money hoarding. Google rigs engine for election. FBI touts the mark of the beast system. Afghan torture of boys haunts vets. The BIG ONE in Chile. Cameron's pig fest. Sex crimes haunt UK elite. Kurdi's father a people smuggler and drug user. It's an invasion. Did they buy the scene that allowed the invasion of Europe. Dubai Sheikh dies. California dreamin' a drought nightmare. Meaford drill.

We can change the program The next date is 59 09 0545. [14 and 14 are 28] 09 28 the BLOOD MOON. Are you ready? We are.

Posted by George Freund on September 23, 2015 at 11:29 PM 2505 Views