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Russia detains Ukrainian provocative agents. No sign of Russian pull back from Ukraine border. NATO Supreme Commander says Russians could invade Ukraine swiftly. White House petition to recognize Crimean vote. Syrian UN representative says false flag chemical weapon attack plotted. Turkish military overhead plotting false flag attack on Syria. Holy warrior goes RAMBO on colleagues at Fort Hood or so we are told. Major Hasan redux all the terror from 9/11 on is linked to Army psychiatrists. Young Jihadist wanted by the FBI and military intelligence in potential Fort Hood JIHAD attack. Was he the reported second shooter? Chinese find Malaysian Air Flight MH370 west offers NO COMMENT! Never let a good crisis go to waste beef up flight and passenger surveillance. Malaysia altered cockpit recording transcript. Disappearance might never be solved. Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard on the trading block. What have they got? CIA torture report to Senate. Trouble at Yellowstone. Is it God's RESET BUTTON for planet Earth? US needs sanctions. Scottish referendum pounds versus nukes. What is happening with Iraq's money? Ontario Attorney General releases shooter's records FAST after sealing them. Did we hit the nail on the head in police corruption? The guy walked a free man every time. What was he? On Conspiracy Cafe it's HOLY WARRIORS!

Posted by George Freund on April 6, 2014 at 9:03 PM 3062 Views