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The Doctor Who Google doodle, NEIL Never Ending Image Learner a Carnegie Mellon sentient computer program better than HAL. It will read images on line. It will be trained for war compliments of Google and the Office of Naval Research. Mark of the Beast Commercials you'll love them. The Chicago plot to assassinate JFK. Dallas location markers of JFK bullet strikes removed for anniversary. People's Bank of China not interested in foreign currency holdings anymore. Did you feel the Earth tremble? 23 Nations set up exchange mechanism sans U.S. dollar. British banker in drug, sex scandal lost £700 million. Chief Inspector found dead. Blair implicated in Murdoch divorce. Was he shagging Wendi? Expect Rupert's wrath soon. Tatarstan air crash classic missile attack. FSB Chief killed. Russian forces go on the offensive and find launchers. Media silent. Putin ends Russia NATO ABM cooperation. Did you feel the Earth tremble? Poles attack Russian embassy in Smolensk protest. Hollywood spied for Israel got them the bomb. Fukushima radiation maps fakes. Mount Etna God's warning flare for Europe. On Conspiracy Cafe it's TARDIS!


I forgot one aspect of the Russian plane crash in Tatarstan. Kazan was and still is the focal point for the missing gold from the Tsar's treasury. In and of itself that is a degree thesis on history.

Grainy pictures from the vaults of a Kazan bank highlight that gold and other other precious metals of untold value were held here. Picture: The Siberian Times

Posted by George Freund on November 27, 2013 at 8:32 AM 1968 Views