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Today is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The code name for the operation was THE BIG EVENT. Since the day there have been confessions of a CONSPIRACY. It is still a closely guarded secret today. The perpetrators consolidated power through several presidencies. They culminated their crimes with 9/11. We will never have justice until they are exposed and held to account. We will review the original news coverage that stated Kennedy was shot with a .30 caliber weapon and reported numerous arrests and the seizure of many guns along the route. We review the hypothesis that Kennedy's body was swapped with Officer J.D. Tippit. There were many discrepancies with the body treated at Parkland Hospital and the one autopsied at Bethesda. They include the presence of moles, the bullet wound in the back, the insertion of chest tubes, the tracheotomy incision, and the eyes. Kennedy had an eye blown out of the eye socket. These cannot be explained away as the Warren Commission beat the doctors into submission. After 50 years we bring light and justice to the plot. On Conspiracy Cafe it's THE BIG EVENT!



Source material has been purged from the internet by what President Kennedy termed the monstrous conspiracy. He ought to have known more than anyone. We live with it today. It is the monster that controls news and information as well as our leaders. It has power over everything, and we are not permitted to acknowledge it. I have come to terms with what it is. Col. Philip Corso described it in his book The Day After Roswell. They're here. They've always been here. They war with us and use us to fight their wars. I call it the war of the multiverse.

Posted by George Freund on November 22, 2013 at 8:20 AM 2084 Views