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The Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant, the sacred vessel of the ten commandments and the mobile sanctuary of the spirit of God, is frequently alluded to in the old testament. According to scripture, it dried up rivers, destroyed city walls, and killed people en masse. Then, it simply vanished. In this video, we explore the history of the ark, and look at a few theories to account for its disappearance as well as its whereabouts today.


A viewer with a much better knowledge of Hebrew than myself point out an error I made at the beginning of this video, where I claim that the Hebrew word for "Ark" is the same word used for "boat" in the language. Below is an excerpt from the viewer's email to me:

"The Hebrew term ארון (aron) is not used for "boat" in the Hebrew Scriptures, but only for a chest of some sort, and nearly exclusively in the Hebrew Scriptures for the "Ark" of the Covenant. But this Hebrew word is also used for Joseph's coffin, and for a chest for collecting coins. Other than those two other usages, I did not find anything greater than chest size. A different Hebrew term, תיבה (tevah) is used for Noah's ark, and this word is never used for the Ark of the Covenant. However, many generations after the writing of the Hebrew Bible, Jewish writers in Greek translated those two different terms with the Greek term κιβωτός, (kibotos) which would be similar to calling them both an "Ark." But in the original Hebrew, they are not the same word. At the following link go to the paragraph labled "Thayer's Greek Lexicon" for more details.



The God Box is mentioned in petroglyphs in Yemen. Perhaps that's what they're really fighting over.

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