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Grant Jeffrey 2015 | The Global Warming Deception| Bible Prophecy Revealed 2015

Grant Jeffrey of Grant R. Jeffrey Ministries, a Canadian Bible teacher known as an expert on Bible prophesies, an advocate of dispensational evangelical Christianity and host of TBN's "Bible Prophecy Revealed,"

A good pastor should be sounding the alarm as well as speaking the gospel. Grant was a great pastor. To living pastors repeat the message and save your flocks.

Professor Nick Balaskas from York University exposing the raw data error that Professor Balaskas has first hand knowledge of through his employment with Environment Canada.

He collected the climate data for Al Gore. There was a codicil to using the data. Many of the temperature censors were in open fields for much of the time. These areas are now covered by urban sprawl. That sprawl affected the data set raising the temperature. It was not supposed to be used. Gore and company ignored the codicil to rig the results.

I host a show called Conspiracy Café. You can listen to the interview here.

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