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Mad cop shoots it out in the Big Bear. Cyber War declared. Hostilities commence. Fed hacked. North Korean nuclear test window dressing for Obama Sin Laden State of the Union. Celente says WWIII with nuclear event. Press TV deleted from Sat service. USS Truman stays in port. Pope resigns. St. Peter's struck by lightning. Knights of Malta 900 years old. Gulf Stream stopped. Louisiana sinkhole experiences seismic events. Real life Rambo Christopher Jordan Dorner. California cops on death squad mission miss target. Foxes chew up babies in gun free paradise. Sandy Hook Psy Op backfires. Getzinger in long running dispute with the school board. Russian mob and the murder of Toronto copper. Indian economy slows. First part of the FINAL solution starts with forced sterilizations. On Conspiracy Cafe it's Natural Bourne Killers.

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on February 14, 2013 at 11:00 AM 5306 Views