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Sandy Hook backup plan kill more children. Psychological Warfare continues. Seal Sniper murdered. Was he the Sandy Hook mastermind? Three veterans enter the range. One leaves. Were they the three men fleeing Newtown? Vietnam vet holds child hostage. Obama performer murdered. Victim heckling. Who needs an assault weapon? Marlon Brando explains our dilemma in Apocalypse Now. It is horror and mortal terror. They are your friends or your enemies to be feared. They are defeated by JUDGEMENT! Crisis actors videos peaks the ratings. Detroit coach blasts thugs with concealed carry. DHS hits Albuquerque gun dealer in harassment campaign. Student suspended over gun picture. Adam Lanza dead Dec. 13th. OOPS! Connecticut coroner in perjury scandal. OOPS! Carver in Vegas says HOAX! OOPS! Fifth Column coup in America. Use Grand Juries to Indict the traitors. Retired Colonel says rebellion. Sheriffs tell Feds to go to HELL! Traitor Jackson says send armed TSA brownshirts to Chicago. U.S. military fires from helicopters over Houston, Miami and Galveston. It's the BIG STICK! Justice Department memo says they're licensed to kill anyone anywhere. Now you know why they want the GUNS! On Conspiracy Cafe it's JUDGEMENT time.

Posted by George Freund on February 11, 2013 at 9:04 AM 4807 Views