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On Conspiracy Cafe Operation Blackjack 2009-06j-25


Rescued from oblivion our June 25, 2009 show BLACKJACK. Were you prepared?

Timothy Spearman is our co-host.

A world renowned newspaper publishes the plot to create the Union of North America. It included using stolen nuclear weapons to destroy capital cities. Is the fiction truth? Amazon's Tiananmen, trouble on the farm South African Style, follow the money trail from GMAC to WTC, American Airlines flights didn't fly a scheduled run on 911, the flight termination system and the Pentagon's fleet of 767's, 911 General who scrambled jets scrambled in train wreck. Blackjack an emergency transmission network.

Metro Crash Victims a Cross Section of the Capital Area

911 General who scrambled fighter jets over Washington scrambled in D.C. train wreck

General Wherley who refused to let the jets under his command take off until he received a shoot down order was killed in the D.C. train crash. As I recall he also had jets flying subsonic and in the NATO pattern out over the Atlantic. His wife Ann a mortgage banker was killed as well. I guess they had many hands in the destruction of America. The truth is coming out. As it does watch the ranks of the complicit thin. I guess the train operator was waiting for orders to stop. They just didn't arrive in time.



This is a still from the TV series Jericho which featured a nuclear attack on Columbus, Ohio. The U.S. military are conducting a drill concerning the same scenario in Indiana in Jennings and Johnson Counties. The exercise is called Vibrant Response 2013. This is a regular exercise. However, the geo-political situation seems to be a lot more tense lately with Russia conducting a short notice missile drill and an exercise repelling invasion forces. NATO is preparing an exercise concerning the invasion of Poland. It has been reported hundreds of Al Qaeda prisoners have escaped. Embassies around Africa and the Middle East. Of course you may prefer the news concerning celebrities going out of doors without makeup. If you come here we get to the real goods as best as we can. Our cohort in alternative news Stephanie Sledge has found the drill list. It is extensive. The nuclear option of course tops the list. BE PREPARED!


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