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The Information Revolution on Conspiracy Cafe 2009-06j-18


This is a rescue mission of our June 18, 2009 show. Most of the background material disappeared for this episode so we'll be building it from scratch. We have guest host James Haarp.

Interceptors placed on internet servers to SPY ON YOU! U.S. misplaced 9,200 vials of germs. Two men caught smuggling billion dollar bonds into Switzerland. David Carradine autopsy photo examined. The Atlantean Conspiracy book tells ALL! Canadian Blogger stymied. Wheat blight heralds the apocalypse. NYC nuclear drill. USS John McCain catches Chinese sub. Korean nuclear shell game. The CIA and the Iranian election. Mohawk protests. Tea Party Patriots. Food Safety Enhancement Act. Obama's Middle East policies. Fed acquires police powers. Teenage hacker foils the chip. Nancy Pelosi's carbon footprint. Boundary water treaties. Mother kills daughter with anti-aging drug injection. What will they do to strangers? Indian nuclear scientist disappears. Project Seabird. Vets return to torment. Top TEN worst cities to live in. The worst Baghdad, Iraq. On Conspiracy Cafe it's the Information Revolution.

Explosive New Book Exposes Global Conspiracy

The Atlantean Conspiracy

Billion dollar bonds?


10. Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince has around 2.5-3 million residents, many of who are concentrated in the city's numerous slums. Despite political unrest, the city still attracts some tourism.

9. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Among the largest sub-Saharan conurbations, Kinshasa has a population of around 8 million when combined with neighbouring Brazzaville. The city has a high crime rate with 112.3 murders per 100,000 residents.

8. Nouakchott, Mauritania

Mauritania's largest city, Nouakchott expanded from a tiny fishing town in the 1950s to become a city of nearly 900,000 residents, many of whom moved to the city to escape drought.

7. Pointe Noire, Congo

Congo's second largest city, Pointe Noire is among Central Africa's largest producers of oil. Its attractions include its surfing beaches, although the Foreign Office warns visitors to beware of carjacking and walking the streets after dark.

6. Sana'a, Yemen

Dating back to the 6th-century BC, Sana'a's Old City contains a number of ancient buildings and is recognised as a World Heritage Site. Recent attacks on foreign nationals and the bombing of the US Embassy, however, means it is off most tourist itineraries.

5. Khartoum, Sudan

Located on the confluence of the Blue and the White Nile, and the stage for Chinese Gordon's last stand, the Sudanese capital has seen a great deal of development in recent years, driven largely by the country's oil money.

4. Brazzaville, Congo

Founded in 1880 by European explorer Pierre Savorgan de Brazza, the city's major industries include textiles and tanning. There were also a number of conflicts and civil wars here throughout the Nineties.

3. Ndjamena, Chad

With a population of more than 700,000, Ndjamena was originally founded by the French in 1900 as Fort-Lamy. The city was heavily damaged during the civil war of 1979-82, while rebels attacked the city as recently as 2008.

2. Bangui, Central African Republic

Originally a French military post, Bangui became a colonial administrative centre and now has a population in excess of 500,000. The city manufactures textiles, soap and beer, while a number of archeological sites outside the city have UNESCO World Heritage status.

And the worst city in the whole world to live in is the NWO showplace of freedom and democracy brought to you by the United States of America and the Bush Administration:

1. Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad is the world's worst city in which to live, according to Mercer. Despite possessing a rich heritage, the city remains beset by problems, although the level of violence across Iraq appears to be falling.


A free and independent media means only those selected and approved as an official organ of the establishment or system may report on issues of public interest. The world we live in is a fixed game controlled by the wealthy power elite. You live under an illusion of freedom that keeps you docile. Of more import was the meeting in Montreal last week - “Adapting to a New World Order.” Of course you weren't invited or informed because we have no input in these matters. The world's politburo was there. We have been placated to such an extent, we don't even have the where with all to ask why we have no input. As the old adage goes, there is no better slave than one who thinks he's free.

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