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Election day fraud off the start. Voting machines switch Obama vote to Romney. Staten Island forgotten in the storm. Hurricane Sandy was a 1997 drill. Iran offers help. Israel offers war. Hurricane Sandy signs in the heaven and on the radar screens. Northern lights go to the MAX! HAARP off the scale. NASA most likely the hidden hand in the plasma beam application. Paypal founder controls the space dragon. NASA records plasma sounds. HMS Bounty lost in storm fitted out by US Navy. General staff relieved for trying to rescue Ambassador Stevens. Secret Service Agent suicided. What did he know? Weather warfare 101. The FDR assassination attempt a model Manchurian operation. Romney played by Cuban Russian Intelligence Agent femme fatale. 9/11 orchestrator Romney's top adviser. Ontario Premier resigns in $1.3 billion boondoggle. Eat that taxpayer. Gun registry records destroyed on Holloween. Press TV banned from Europe. The Chicago plan revisited. Nations can create currency. Quantum economics George's thought on the state of money. Markets can flash crash. Canadian banks on the ropes? On Conspiracy Cafe whatever button you push.

Posted by George Freund on November 9, 2012 at 12:52 PM 2848 Views