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Weather Warfare 101 on Conspiracy Cafe



The perfect storm Hurricane Sandy destroys New England. NASA Goddard Institute prepped the scenarios. MIT and Princeton climate scientists ran the computer model. Why did NASA stop storm steering research when they could have steered Sandy out to sea. Perhaps they didn't stop the research. Perhaps the guiding hand did steer the storm. Obama sets himself up as savior for photo-ops then leaves town. The Halloween Google Doodle another 911 on New York. CIA agents given stand down order TWICE in Benghazi attack. USS Stennis commander relieved. Brits say no way to bases as war staging areas. Did Obama cut a deal on nukes? The OMEN MOON! Obama and Romney rivals as job destroyers. Emily Davison dies under King's horse to get the vote for women. Many women say don't vote. Green leader busted for trying to get to debate. Who stands for FREEDOM? Swiss prepare for economic Armageddon. The Peoples Republic of Canada comes into effect November 1st with trade deal. Global Warming STOPPED 16 years ago. Vaccine policy the death culture. Research team says vaccines FRAUD! US dropped 4 nukes on Spain in '66. On Conspiracy Cafe it's Weather Warfare 101.

Posted by George Freund on November 4, 2012 at 8:26 AM 3542 Views