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Troops massing on Syrian border, Colour revolution in works for Jordan, Iran tests missiles, Saudis buy nuclear capable missiles, The King of the North, Mystery Babylon, Ambassador's notebook a CNN red herring, Counter attack on militias. Iran claims sabotage, Blackberry outage Europe Middle East Africa, Saban Institute drill war for 2013, Ehud Barak meets Rahm Emanuel in off the record meeting, Mayors conduit to heads of state, Israel and the 9/11 record war keeps the truth suppressed, Wikileaks released NATO war plan for Russia, Russia prepared for WWIII, North Korea opened up by Putin's debt relief, Gang Il-san's prophecy it starts in Korea, Chinese/Japanese tensions mount, Euro Army and super state crafted, Mitt says nuclear bomb in Chicago jihadist arrested, QE 1 2 and 3 a PLACEBO attempt, Money supply decreased $4 trillion, Bank of England Governor forced to print money says England will survive Euro crash, Economic Hitman hitting Europe and the WORLD, The CIA's 9/11 Intelligence file released!, Cop killer England's Jason Bourne?, Memory eraser perfected shocking, Penn State Prez national security specialist, Holmes' notebook concealed from evidence, Child torture in the Sinai. On Conspiracy Cafe we're on The Road to Armageddon.

Posted by George Freund on September 28, 2012 at 10:26 AM 2734 Views