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Olympics wrap up the happy pagan festival ends with the staging area destroyed in a massive fire. Of course that was NOT really news. Neil Armstrong has bypass surgery. Who's Neil Armstrong? The first man to allegedly walk on the moon that's who. One giant step for a man. One giant memory hole for mankind. NBC edits out major portions of the Olympics to boost ratings. Greatest Olympic security operation in history bags man with Parkinson's disease. Real terror plot stymied in Spain as 3 men with model airplane arrested. Suspicious yacht abandoned near English coast the likely transport vehicle for the patsies. Conspiracy-Cafe website hacked with sordid clue we got them. Department of Homeland Security orders 750 MILLION rounds of ammo and half a ton of explosives to go with the bullet proof road stands. GOO screens turn any flat surface into TV. Perfect for induced terror. UFO at opening ceremony puts NWO on notice. Wilbur crop circle. Atomic art the next sign. DHS martial law plan. Marine captured in Venezuela. USS Porter collision. Louisiana sink hole. BIG BUSINESS grabs Africa. Iran quake. US crops fail. Wisconsin Sikh shooting psyops. Dr. Robert Holmes, his neural networks, predictive programming, the LIBOR scandal and the off shore trillions. Olympics programming of your mind the X portal. Eaton Center shooter psy agent. Senior second amendment duck and cover robbers. The DARPA UNIVERSAL SOLDIER. Mitt Romney Egyptian leather, lubricant, live in contortionist, toupee masters, Venetian masks and Compulsive LIAR syndrome tax deductions. Like you're going to VOTE for that idiot to be President. Postal Service default. Economy has the old sinking feeling. The Whistleblower. On Conspiracy Cafe where there's smoke, there's fire.

Posted by George Freund on August 17, 2012 at 9:59 AM 2973 Views