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Our December 1st 2011 show recovered. Good history as the world prepared for war over Syria.

DaGuerre Code war within the week. China's naval maneuvres in Pacific. China Pakistan joint terror drill. Obama's descent into chaos the futility of Afghanistan. Can you unlock Hugo Cabret's little secret? Mark Twain Google Doodle takes us to Turkey and the super war for the Middle East. Chariots from heaven. US carrier battle group off Syria meets Russians. Voronezh radar system turned on. Syria's neighbours on alert. Libyan volunteers airlifted to Syria. British compound stormed. Rockets fired at Israel. Pakistan attacked closes NATO supply route. Turkish pilgrims massacred. WWIII preparation. New Mayan prophecy found. Prepare your lifeboat major move to corner silver. Bankers say Euro doomed. Brits buying time while preparing economic Armageddon plan. GDP to drop by half. Chavez brings home his gold reserves. MF Global money found at JP Morgan. Strauss-Kahn framed. The lawsuit for the gold of the secret government. Secret law enacted to arrest without trial. The economy summed up in comedy is reality. Battlefield America. On Conspiracy Cafe it is written before your eyes.



Posted by George Freund on December 7, 2011 at 4:02 PM 3253 Views