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Our November 24, 2011 explosive broadcast.

Study reveals ignorance is bliss. Who will answer for the crimes of governments? Latest Google code a call for DaGuerre (WAR). Rosslyn Chapel, Holyrood Chapel, and Boulevard du Temple revealed. The trail to assassination and Templar treasure continues. Greece, Egypt, and Beirut revealed with a new Thermopylae in November. Greece under siege for Vatopedi gold. Massive tunnel explosion in Gaza. Atlas Shrugged a Rothschild code book by Ayn Rand. CIA informants toasted on Pizza run. The secrets of WWII. Chaos Cairo. ANC puts in police state laws like the good old days. Momma we're all niggers now. Facebook foe suicided. Obama is the anti-christ so says the Latin for change. The history of scripture the banned book of the church. The centuries of struggle with Rome and the Vicar (Anti) of Christ. Politicians secret accounts in the Vatican. Canadian newsman at the Oswald murder. Was he the shooter of the pocket pistol? Two different Oswald events as men in the background appear, disappear, and change position during Ruby's lunge. EU pulls scanners. The gathering financial storm. Iran's ostracism from the global economy may shield them from the collapse of the west and prove globalization is the cause. The amazing icicle of death advancing in the Antarctic. Prepare for war with Syria. Pretty boy defence minister leaves our sons to die in his posh suit theatrics. Brits sent Royal Navy to action with only four missiles. On Conspiracy Cafe Wading Through the Mysteries.

Rosslyn Chapel

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Antarctic icicle of death 

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