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Bait and Switch Terror on Conspiracy Cafe


Our July 28, 2011 Norwegian Manchurian massacre masterpiece. Learn the fine details.

The grand Satanic plan was cracking at the seams in England. A major false flag was required to be a diversion. Enter Manchurian Anders Behring Breivik. Exit the Murdoch scandal. Is the media a large covert operation including MK Ultra and Operation Gladio? We know for sure they are Project Echelon. CNN counter intelligence brain room. American Media Inc. 9/11 Terror Inc. Police Intelligence Analyst reveals Government is underpinned by Satanic ideology. Hoare found dead. Arkanside. Amy Winehouse dead. Arkanside. Murdoch owns the British government, the police, the intelligence agencies. Hack inquiry Guinness record dog and pony show. The real scandal is MURDER and Child Abuse on the Jersey shores. Camilla's cop dead. Arkanside. The death of Insp. Neil Munro and the case the never was. Morgan murder witness 30 killed. Sygmund Freud statue featured at Tavistock. The Krypteia: Sparta's Secret Police method leads to Norway. Lycergus the Spartan law giver the name of the chemical company used in the attack. Dagger in hand in a secluded place KILL. TV X Factor Mo on Utoya. Second shooter off the radar. Cops hold back let victims DIE! Mysterious van linked to ANARCHY site. Rescuers lower death toll saving those sentenced to death. Sex scandal in Norway too. New York City tapped for NUKE in Norwegian press. How to survive a Manchurian Massacre. Scientists muzzled on Cosmic Rays. No CROSSES allowed at WTC site. On Conspiracy Cafe we see Bait and Switch Terror.

Posted by George Freund on July 31, 2011 at 5:25 PM 3179 Views